DLHUB can be delivered in two forms: compressed form (zip extension) or executable form (exe extension)

If DLHUB software is in compressed form:

- Use unzip program such as WinRAR  or WinZip to unzip "DLHUB_verx.x.x" software.

- In the extracted "DLHUB_verx.x.x" folder, double click on "setup.exe" to run the DLHUB installation process.

If DLHUB software is in executable form:

- Simply double click on the executable file to start the installation

- Follow the installation instruction and accept license agreements to finish DLHUB installation

- After finish installing DLHUB, the post installation process will start to install dependency run-time engines.

- Please follow the instruction until the post installation process requests to restart the computer. If the restart process does not run automatically, please manually restart the computer.