In the MODEL CONFIGURATION page, user can easily construct the neural network by selecting and configuring Neural Network Modules.

  1. To start constructing a new model, click the NEW button.
  2. Select from the left hand column the module/function of interest.
  3. Once the module is selected, its parameters will appear in the configuration panel.
  4. Modify or use the default values
  5. Press the ADD button to add the module to the network model. The added module will appear in the model list, or added at the end of the list if not empty.
  6. Repeat step 2 to 5 until you have fully developed your Neural Network model. (For detailed explanation of the function of each module, please refer to Modules section)
  7. You can use the editing tools to shift, duplicate and delete the selected modules in your model. You can do single selection or multiple selection by selecting "Shift - click" or "Ctrl - click".

  1. After you are done with your configuration, make sure you press SAVE or SAVE AS so you can reuse your model next time.
  2. After saving your model, press VERIFY to verify your network is valid. (Green bar = Valid, Red bar = Invalid)
    • You will see a green indicator if the structure of the model is correct. Press NEXT to proceed to the training step.

    • You will see a red indicator if the structure is incorrect, most common mistake will be the input and output shape was incorrectly defined.