If the user does not have INTERNET access in his/her development computer to activate the license on-line, he/she can select "Activate License Manually". It can be done in two steps.

Step 1: Get request license information.

User enters authentication information in the login dialog and click Login button (1), a dialog will popup to provide an user a request license information (2). Please copy the text in (2) and use it for step 2.

Step 2: Get license from ANSCENTER website.

With the "request license information" obtained from step 1, user can obtain a license key by go to Customer Portal -> License Request web-page on an other internet-connected computer, and paste "request license information" into Request Information (1), click Request License button (2) as follows:

A responded page will be appeared to provide an user a license information. Please copy that license information (1) and paste to (2) in GetLicense.vi dialog of the DLHUB software, and click OK (3) to activate DLHUB.